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    The Study Includes Three Arms
    by Carolyn De Carlo
    Contact decarlo.carolyn (at) gmail (dot) com

    This is a poem constructed by selecting sentences from random Wikipedia articles – a modern day version of the cut-up. DeCarlo creates a surprisingly vivid portrait in a mere 6 sentences; the poem feels like it could be an abstract of a Wes Anderson film.

    This simple mini-zine, a format not often constructed with such care, is precisely folded with an added cover. A simple line drawing of the title on the cover compliments the minimalistic contents – the poem is cleanly handwritten inside, nothing fancy – this simplicity leaves room for us to flesh out the story ourselves. A sweet and clever zine.


    Richard Richards is a high school visual arts teacher and designer for Potroast.

    This review is also published in the New Zealand Zine Review Zine Annual Issue 2


  2. Kate Durbin Has Two Poems Up at Plain Wrap Press


    "…UPDATE 1:12 pm PT: Lindsay just walked into the courtroom in her white dress, still wearing her black sunglasses, accompanied by her attorney Shawn Chapman Holley. According to the RadarOnline.com reporter in the courtroom Lindsay “looked stressed…”


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    we are #rare

    Me and my husband

    Crazy isn’t it

    Why is there that picture?

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    yelena bryksenkova

    plain wrap press quarter 3

  5. shabbydollhouse:

    the new issue of plain wrap press edited by carolyn decarlo is online now & features stacey teague, ashley opheim, cassandra de alba & more 

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  6. "the only way to levitate anything
    is through love and belief
    and so of course i have never done it"

    i’ve got three poems in plain wrap press’s quarter 03 today! (via outsidewarmafghans)

    you sure do, mate!

  7. ashleyobscura:

    A new poem of mine entitled 'e x I S t' went live on Plain Wrap Press this morning.

    The poem’s format was inspired by Inger Christensen’s epic poem alphabet (New Directions, 2001).

    You can read the full poem in Plain Wrap’s Quarter 3 Issue here, or you can snag a copy of my swaggy book ‘I Am Here and read it alongside other poems. I only have a couple dozen books left, so get a first print run copy before they’re sold out! xo,AO

    this book is 100% swaggy

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    I have two poems in Plain Wrap Press’s Quarter 03

    click to read them both

    yup yup yup yup

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  9. West Wind Review

    A poem I wrote with Jackson Nieuwland is in this year’s West Wind Review, alongside work by Kenneth Goldsmith, Shane Allison, Carrie Lorig, Adam J Maynard, T.A. Noonan, and JDA Winslow

  10. ashleyobscura:


    My first book of poetry is now available for purchase online here! The collection includes 14 poems, some of which were originally published in Pop Serial, Illuminati Girl Gang and Shabby Doll House.

    Cover art and design by Anjela Freyja

    First printing 
    52 pages 
    4.25” x 7” 
    100 copies available



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